Canoe Marathon

Canoe Marathon, as it suggests, is the competitive discipline where paddlers are required to cover large distances in the shortest possible time. Many courses require ‘portaging’ where both the kayak and the paddler must leave the water and run around an obstacle, these range from locks on canals to bridges on rivers.

The Nomad Kayak Club has members who are passionate about Canoe Marathon and are on hand to explain the discipline and offer coaching / competition opportunities.

The Devises to Westminster Race

Devises to Westminster

Known as the ‘canoeists Everest’, this event is at the top end of the sport in terms of the demands it places on a paddler. 125 miles long, 77 portages, tidal flow on parts of the Thames and a spring slot on the calendar all combine to make it a real challenge.

K1 kayaks typically complete the course over four days but K2 kayaks can tackle it in a single blast. The very best times are just over 16 hours but anything under 24 hours is extremely competitive.

The Nomad Kayak Club has seen members complete this grueling event and are available to explain what it takes to master the DW.

Shark Winter Mini-Marathon League

A local event that is perfect for beginners and seasoned marathon paddlers alike. There are three distances from which to choose, 6.4 miles, 3.5 miles and 1.5 miles. Entries cost just £2 per person (2011 rates) per race and can be paid on the day.

Canoe Marathon

Paddlers start in time order, with the fastest paddler going last, the start time is calculated based on your previous race, for those who have never raced before either supply an estimated time or start at the beginning of the event. It is your elapsed time which counts, but by having the staggered start it means that everybody gets a good race, whatever standard you are.

This is a great place to start your Canoe Marathon career, if you are interested please speak with a member of the NKC committee for further details.Races run on the second Tuesday of all summer months at 7:00pm and the second Saturday of all winter months at 10:30am.