I am keen to ‘Come and Try’ Kayaking, to see if I like it

White WaterIf you are keen to give kayaking a go then great, the Nomad Kayak Club can cater for complete novices. First we ask that you let us know by emailing We will arrange for you to attend the next available 'Come & Try it' session and be introduced to one of our coaches.

In most cases you will need to be aged 10 or above to be able to participate safely, although the main requirement is height - a kayak requires a certain amount of the body to be above the top of the cockpit in order to paddle.

Prior to attending your session there is some paperwork, it is important that this is all complete as we cannot allow anyone to take to the water without all the paperwork in place. Before having to join the club, three 'Come and Try it' sessions are allowed, the cost of a session is £10. Further information about 'Come and Try it' sessions can be seen here: A Useful guide to attending a Come & Try Session.

The form you will need to complete in advance is:

Canoeing is a water sport and with this in mind we have put together a useful guide for anyone planning to attend a ‘Come and Try it’ session. Getting wet is likely and a number of items of clothing / kit are recommended. If you are unsure what to bring to keep you warm and safe, please email for some advice.

Please note that 10/11 year old's must be  accompanied on the water by an adult and that 12/13 year old's must have an adult within the Aquadrome.


I am ready to become a full member, for the first time

RecreationalIf you are keen to become a full member of the Nomad Kayak Club we first suggest you (if you haven't already) pop down to see us and our facilities. That way you can see first hand what we can offer. Our Committee’s Membership Officer can guide you through the club and what membership can offer, they will also check that you are 10 or over and sufficiently tall to safely control a kayak.

Please email our Committee’s Membership Officer at to arrange a suitable time to visit the club.

If after having seen the club you are keen to join, please complete and return the following form (including payment), or sign up online. First year membership is pro rata, our Membership Officer will advise of the exact rate (depending on the time of year you apply to join) when you meet, membership runs April to March.

  • NKC-F06 New Member application form


I wish to renew my NKC membership

If you are an existing Nomad Kayak Club paddler and wish to renew your membership, please download, complete and return the following form (including payment), or renew online. Please remember to tick any boxes relating to kayak storage etc.

I want to speak to someone regarding membership

Canoe PoloIf after reading this you still have some unanswered questions, please make contact with our Committee’s Membership Officer by emailing and they will be happy to talk you through the club.

They may also put you in contact with various other committee members who have responsibility for specific areas or disciplines within the club that relate to your questions.


BCU Membership

In 2000 the British Canoe Union (BCU) federalised to become the umbrella organisation for the Home Nation Associations in Scotland (SCA), Wales (WCA) and Northern Ireland (CANI). In England, Canoe England was set up, on a par with the other National Associations, as a division of the BCU, to support the development of canoeing in England.

The BCU is responsible for leading and setting the overall framework for the National Associations; representing canoeing interests such as coaching and competition at UK and international level.

Being a member of the BCU brings great benefits such as access to many of Britain's waterways, discounts at various stores and liability insurance. For canoe polo players, joining the BCU is a requirement to enter tournaments.

To join, see the Canoe England website.

We look forward to seeing you soon!